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Mint Hill Dentistry

Patient Information About Our IV Sedation Course

Mint Hill Dentistry is now offering FREE dentistry and FREE IV Sedations to qualified patients in NC. If a fear of the dentist or limited finances has prevented you from having a tooth extraction or filling completed, then this Sedation Course could be an excellent opportunity for you! By volunteering for this course, you will be provided IV Sedation by a student-dentist under the direct 1 on 1 supervision of our MHD Faculty. Your dentistry will be completed by the dentists at MHD while you are sedated. You will receive the same 5-star dentistry and quality care as any other patient that visits our office.

Who is the ideal patient for this course?

  • Reliable transportation and commitment to arrive on time for your appointments. A Flexible schedule ensuring that you are available on course dates/times is important.
  • Relatively simple dental needs like extractions of 1-2 teeth or completion of 1-2 fillings are ideal procedures for the course. Procedures that are NOT ideal for the course are longer procedures like many teeth extractions, crowns, bridges, partial dentures, full dentures, and implants
  • Patients that need wisdom teeth extracted may be good candidates for the course. The wisdom teeth would likely be extracted in two separate visits, right side and then left side.
  • All patients must complete a Health History questionnaire that is complete and accurate. People that have uncontrolled or poorly controlled health conditions such a uncontrolled diabetes (A1c 9+), heart disease, asthma, COPD, etc are not good candidates for the course. Patients that have minimal health issues or that have well controlled conditions are likely good candidates.

Contact Us

Please fill out the contact form below to let us know that you are interested in the course. One of our front office team will reach out to you with some paperwork to get the process started. If you qualify for the course, then we will schedule a phone call to review your health history followed by an in-person visit to take any necessary X-rays and to complete your sedation workup.