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Back to School Teeth Tips

Back to school teeth tips

We can’t believe it’s already August and about time to head back to school. This can mean so many things to different people… excitement, worry, stress or joy. And there are also plenty of things to occupy your mind as the school year approaches… homework, tests, sports, new friends, seeing old friends, teachers, lunches and first day outfits. The list can go on and on! However, do you know something else that should be very high up on your mental checklist? Your oral health!

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should make sure your mouth is squeaky clean and healthy as you head back to school.

Problem: Hhhhhhhhhhhalitosis!

Halitosis is the dental term for “bad breath.” A small silver lining for having to wear a mask these days is many people have become acutely aware of their own stinky breath or, “dragon breath,” as the cool kids say. The worst offenders, though, are often not aware and even a mask can’t protect those around them from the smell.

Solve It

Spend two minutes two times a day brushing teeth. It may be a rush out the door in the morning, but it’s only two minutes. Then fit in two minutes at the bedtime routine. Trust us… it’s important.

Problem: Stress

As stressful as school and everything that goes with it can be, please do not take it out on your teeth! People handle stress in many different ways, and many of them can be detrimental to your oral (and overall) health. What we mean by that is teeth grinding or clenching, biting nails, sucking on candy while studying, to name a few. All of these things can, and do, worsen your oral health… quickly.

Solve It

Be aware of the snacks kids have after school. If they are starting to grind or bite their nails, give us a call for a consultation. Also, we recommend using a toothpaste that contains fluoride. It is very important to help fight against cavities. In addition, floss daily! It’s never too early to make this a regular habit.

Problem: Cost

Dentistry can be more expensive than regular cleanings if an issue is left unattended – think cavities or needing to have teeth replaced. The earlier and better you take care of your teeth, the happier you’ll be.

Solve It

Just as it is important for adults to visit their dental office twice a year for regular cleanings, it is the same for children starting after age three. We will give an exam, clean their teeth and also work with them on proper cleaning techniques.

All this to say, as you head back to school, take care of your teeth. Follow all of our ‘Solve it’ tips above and come see us twice a year for your regular dental cleanings. And don’t forget to not chew on your #2 pencil! Happy Back to School everyone!