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Nitrous Oxide

Our practice offers our patients nitrous oxide as an option for sedation dentistry. It is a colorless, non-irritating, gas that produces a euphoric-like feeling, relaxing you while you have your dental treatment.  Many know nitrous oxide by its less formal name: “laughing gas.”

Nitrous oxide is the primary source of sedation in our practice and is safe for patients of all ages.  You will be able to breathe on your own and there are no after effects once the gas has been suspended and your dental work is complete.  You are also able to drive after the appointment with no ill effects and resume your normal activities, unlike all other types of sedation dentistry where you must have someone drive you and are advised to rest the remainder of the day.

Please discuss the option of using nitrous oxide during your appointment with our staff and we can work with you to accommodate your request.

Watch a Video About Nitrous Oxide