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Porcelain Bridges

Missing teeth can cause mouth pain and even can cause you to chew differently. As your remaining teeth work to compensate for the loss, gaps and spaces form that can only make the situation worse and potentially more difficult to fix down the road.

What is a porcelain bridge?

A porcelain bridge is a permanent solution to fixing a missing tooth or several teeth. It is completed by permanently joining a new, artificial tooth to the teeth on either side of the gap.  This type of bridge is most popular with our patients because the porcelain resembles the color and look of your natural teeth. The procedure is not only an excellent way to repair your missing tooth and get your smile back, but it also can relieve any pain you may have been experiencing by reconstructing teeth that may be broken or damaged on each side of the gap.

Porcelain Bridge Procedure

First the teeth on either side of the missing tooth will be prepared for the bridge by making sure there is adequate space for the new tooth to be placed.  At all times your comfort is our first priority, so the doctor will provide a local anesthetic.  If you are interested in our Sedation Dentistry for this procedure, please let us know.

We will then take an impression of your teeth, creating a model to help us mold and create a custom bridge just for you.  While your permanent bridge is being made and colored to exactly match your teeth, you will be given a temporary bridge.  This will protect your teeth and gums until your next appointment, at which time your permanent bridge will be placed.  Your dentist will work with you to ensure your bridge is comfortable in your mouth and make any necessary adjustments.

Upon leaving the office, you will receive proper care instructions. Remember the staff at Mint Hill Dentistry is here to answer any questions you may have after the procedure.

Your porcelain bridge is durable and will last many years!

Watch a Video About Porcelain Bridges