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Implant-Supported Dentures

An implant-supported denture is similar to a regular denture, except it is attached to a dental implant for stability. While they are still removable, they snap into place for a firm hold, versus using an adhesive, which is typically associated with dentures.  These dentures will keep you from worrying about a regular denture slipping or moving while you are eating or talking!

Types of Implant-supported Dentures

There are many types of implant-supported dentures that can be created to assist with the restoration of your mouth.

  • Implant-Supported Partial Denture
  • Implant-Support Full Upper Denture
  • Implant-Support Full Lower Denture

How does the procedure work?

First you will need to have the implants placed in your mouth. Visit our Dental Implants page to learn more about the procedure.

Once the implants are in place and healed, we will install the implant-supported dentures.  There are two kinds we can use: bar-retained and screw-retained dentures.   Both of them offer you a permanent solution for your teeth. Once installed, they will match the teeth surrounding the denture.

Contact us today to learn more about implant supported dentures.