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Sedation Dentistry

Are you afraid of visiting the dentist? Do you have extreme levels of anxiety whenever you visit the dentist? Let sedation dentistry melt your fears away.  Using IV Sedation, Oral Sedation, Nitrous Oxide or Hospital Dentistry, our doctors will find the sedation option that works best for you, ensuring a dental visit that is both relaxing and peaceful.

You may be a candidate for sedation if you:

  • Have a high anxiety level about coming to the dentist and avoid dental procedure because of fear
  • Have had prior traumatic experiences at another dentist
  • Have a bad gag reflex making it difficult to take X-Rays, impressions, and work in the mouth
  • Have a fear of needles or shots, or have had difficulty getting numb in the past
  • Require complex surgical procedures such as bone grafting, multiple dental implant placement, wisdom tooth extraction, or extraction of multiple teeth
  • Have many dental needs and would prefer fewer, but longer, appointments to address these needs
  • Have a family member that cannot tolerate the scheduled dental treatment

All patients treated with sedation will undergo a thorough medical review prior to the sedation appointment. During the sedation, our patients are continuously monitored for blood pressure, pulse, and blood oxygen level.

All the doctors at Mint Hill Dentistry have extensive education in sedation dentistry and have completed advanced training in this area. We have more than 75 years combined experience with sedation and are committed to providing safe dental treatment. We offer a full range of sedation solutions to meet the needs of all patients.

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IV Sedation / Oral Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation or oral sedation are often referred to as “sleep” dentistry. That’s because these methods of sedation are considered “conscious” sedation, giving patients the ability to respond to simple instructions.  These effective methods of sedation often put the patient into a state of deep relaxation, producing hazy memories of their visit and an altered sense of time.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is one of the most popular methods of sedation dentistry used at Mint Hill Dentistry. Also known as “laughing gas,” it can help you leave your anxieties behind.  Dental patients treated with nitrous oxide experience an almost euphoric sense of calm, and because of the analgesic qualities of the gas, they also experience little discomfort, if any, during dental treatment.

Learn more about receiving nitrous oxide at your appointment

In-Office General Anesthesia

If a patient is not a candidate for oral or IV sedation, then they may elect to have general anesthesia. In this case we have an anesthesiologist come to the office to provide the general anesthesia, which can save the patient thousands of dollars in hospital bills.

Hospital Dentistry

At Mint Hill Dentistry, we understand not everyone can have dental care provided in an office environment.  Our dentists have years of experience caring for patients who  are medically compromised or suffer from  impairments.  Drs. Sullivan and Roupas are attending staff members of Carolinas Medical Center, caring for patients with special needs through their outpatient operating room.