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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Many of us remember our dentists using silver and mercury fillings on our teeth. Many of you may even have some that are still in your mouth from when you were younger!  Thankfully, technology has advanced, allowing us to offer tooth-colored fillings that offer a more natural look.

Actually, we recommend this type of filling now for most new cavities we are treating in our offices. They are more durable and also more aesthetically pleasing for our patients who prefer not to see the filling.

If you do have a cavity and need to have it filled, this is a simple procedure that can be done in one visit.  Our doctors will provide you with a local anesthetic before treating the cavity, cleaning the tooth and placing a new filling.  If needed, we do offer Sedation Dentistry to our patients.

Can I replace my old silver fillings?

Yes, many people are opting to have this completed in their mouths. We are able to replace the old silver fillings with the new tooth-colored ones. Call us to schedule an appointment and depending on how many you would like to have changed, we can fix them for you in one or two visits.

Watch a Video About Tooth-Colored Fillings