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All You Need to Know About Dental Insurance at Mint Hill Dentistry

Our Philosophy

There is nothing we value more than the relationship our doctors and staff have with our patients. That relationship is what helps us provide you with the best dental care possible. With this in mind, it is our goal to provide you with top quality dental care no matter which insurance provider you use. We want to maximize your insurance benefits coupled with our professional dental care.

Dental Insurance Accepted at Our Office

One of the most common questions we receive is, “Do you accept my insurance?” We are in-network with two insurance companies: Delta Premier and Cigna DPPO. However, we do accept all dental insurance plans, like MetLife or Ameritas, as long as your specific plan allows for you and/or your family to visit an out-of-network provider. It is also possible you may have a PPO plan and then it is important to check to see if they will pay for out-of-network dental offices.

Medicare and Medicaid Information

Medicare now offers dental coverage. These plans are dependent on the policy you purchase. We recommend that you contact your carrier to get your specific plan provisions.

Mint Hill Dentistry is not accepting new Medicaid patients at this time.

What Exactly is Out-of-Network?

It depends on the plan you or your employer have purchased. The main difference is when you are going in-network the insurance company sets the fee. Therefore, you may be paying less for your co-payment if you go in-network. For example, a dental filling in-network may be $100 and out-of-network be $120, if your co-payment is 20% you are paying $20 in-network and $24 out-of-network. The nice thing about this is your insurance is paying the lion’s share of the increase. This gives you the freedom to choose. Even if the dentist you choose is out of network, the out of pocket expense to you can be comparable.

Are Medical Insurance and Dental Insurance Different?

There is a common misconception that dental insurance and medical insurance are the same, but they are not! To make it brief, medical plans are insurance and dental plans are pre-payment plans. They start paying right away, but typically max at $1,500-$2,000. On the reverse, medical insurance kicks in after you reach a minimum deductible and then expenses are covered.

Dental plans are intended to cover basic preventative care like cleanings/exams, as well as minor procedures like fillings or perhaps one crown per year. They are not designed to cover more extensive dental work like multiple crowns, veneers or implants.

Our Insurance Coordinators Are Here to Help

We can call your insurance provider to get a breakdown of your specific insurance benefits, find out what they’ve paid in the past for similar services and create an estimate for you. It will not be the exact amount, but will give you an idea for planning purposes.

Call us at 704-568-8010 and please have the following information ready:

  • Insurance company name
  • Policy holder name and date of birth
  • ID number and group number
  • If no ID number is present, we will need your social security number

You are also able to call your own insurance company with the quote we provide you for dental work to find out how much will be covered. They should be able to confirm so you won’t be left with any unpleasant surprises.

Our office is primarily a fee-for-service office, meaning we ask our patients to pay at the time of the visit unless prior arrangements are made with our team of financial specialists. Our office is happy to submit the insurance claims for you. Our dedicated Insurance Coordinators work diligently to make sure you’re reimbursed for as much as possible under your specific plan.

As with many medical providers, our fees may exceed the amount insurance carriers pay. A plan may include specific inclusions and exclusions that we will not know of in advance; therefore, it is important for each person to understand his/her dental benefits. As mentioned, benefits discussed with the patient are only estimates. In the event that your insurance carrier pays under the estimated amount, the patient will be responsible for any remaining balance.

What if I Don’t Have Dental Insurance?

Don’t worry, we offer dental financing at our office! If some or all of the services you want won’t be fully covered by your insurance policy, ask us about dental financing. Mint Hill Dentistry offers dental options including interest-free financing, reducing the burden by giving you a small monthly payment to make instead of a large lump sum.

Invest in Your Smile

Don’t hesitate to talk to your dentist about your financial concerns. If you have limited insurance coverage and don’t want to go too far above that coverage ceiling, we can prioritize your dental work so it fits your budget. If you have a limit per year, we can schedule your needs based on that limit and could suggest the most cost-effective treatments possible. For example, if you want smile improvements but can’t afford porcelain veneers, your dentist might suggest tooth bonding or Invisalign.

Yes, certain dental services aren’t covered by basic dental insurance, but the difference they could make to your smile and your confidence levels could result in an amazing return on your investment. Certain dental procedures might even cost less than you expect. Why not set up a consultation with us and find out what your options are? You might be surprised by what we can do for you!