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I’ve Broken My Front Tooth, Now What?!

I’ve Broken My Front Tooth, Now What?!

An individual came to us who has had a broken front tooth for more than 10 years. As a replacement, they have been wearing a fake removable plastic tooth. The fear this individual had of the dentist prevented them from seeking a more permanent solution.

Tooth in a Day

After a consult at Mint Hill Dentistry, the person realized they were a candidate for a “tooth in a day.” This meant they could have the broken tooth removed, an implant placed, and an esthetic temporary placed on the implant, all in ONE surgical visit. They were also able to have IV Sedation to make it a more comfortable experience.

Broken Front Tooth and X-ray
Photos and X-Ray show a non-restorable front tooth with the remnants of a metal “post” sticking out.

CT Planning

Front Tooth CT Scan Planning

The CT Scan image shows the patient is an excellent candidate for “immediate placement” of the implant at the time of tooth extraction. At this time, a fixed esthetic temporary will be placed on the implant.

Surgical Visit – Placement of the Implant and Temporary

Implant and Temporary Tooth

The patient was sedated, the tooth root extracted, and the implant with temporary crown was placed all at the same time. The X-Ray shows the placement of the implant with a temporary crown attached, which will be worn for three months until the final restoration. The photo shows the patients smile at her one-week post-surgery visit. For the first time in many years the individual can smile with confidence!

Two Month CT Scan

Two Month CT Scan

The CT Scan taken after two months shows the implant after the healing period. It shows the dentist excellent bone healing around the implant, as well as excellent 3-D positioning of the implant for the final restoration.

Final Restoration

Final Restoration

After healing of the implant, the temporary crown was removed and the final customized permanent crown was placed.

One Year Later

One Year Followup

The individual was seen for routine follow-up care one year after the implant was placed. The X-Ray taken at this time showed excellent bone levels around the implant and the photograph shows healthy gum tissue around the implant restoration.

The individual only ONE surgical visit and was provided with an esthetic fixed tooth throughout the entire treatment process. IV sedation was an important part of the treatment, ensuring that a patient with significant fear of the dentist was able to have the necessary surgery in a relaxed manner.


Broken Front Tooth Restoration


Please give Mint Hill Dentistry a call if you are interested in seeing if you are a candidate for a “Tooth In A Day!”