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Do You Need A ‘Dental Artist?’

Do You Need A ‘Dental Artist?’

A ‘Dental Artist’ is a term we bet you haven’t heard before! When individuals need esthetic tooth replacement for their front teeth, it can be challenging to achieve an ideal color match. The goal is to make the new dentistry blend in perfectly with the existing teeth. We are lucky to have an expert dental technician who can do Custom Chair-side Shade Matching. She truly is an artist…and yes, she even uses a paintbrush!

We’ll show you an example of how our dental artist works her magic.

Before Picture

Missing Tooth

This picture shows the individual’s smile with a missing front tooth. They had an implant placed and was ready for the crown to be placed, creating a normal smile again.

Shade Chosen

Shade Tabs

The dentist uses “shade tabs” when selecting the color for a new crown. The shade tabs allow the dentists to get very close to the correct color of the tooth, but it is often very complex to get the color just perfect.

Digital photography, such as the picture shown here, is used to help the dental lab get the crown as close as possible.

Custom Shading – Artistry

Custom Shading

The abutment (part that goes in the top for the crown to hold into) and crown is attached to the implant, and then the custom shading process begins. Our dental technician uses a paint brush and color palate to begin adding different shades to the crown. It is amazing to watch how shades such as orange, blue, and violet can make a tooth look more natural.

Final Restoration

Custom Tooth Shading Before and After

These photos show the before and after pictures side by side.

Shading Final Restoration

Custom shading was critical to returning this patients smile to normal. The final X-Ray shows what the implant, abutment, and crown look like after the procedure is finished.

Final Restoration X-ray

Give us a call if you interested in learning more about our ‘Dental Artist’ and if you think you might be a candidate.