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Do You Have Bad “White Spots” or Tooth Discoloration From Braces?

Do You Have Bad “White Spots” or Tooth Discoloration From Braces?

Great news… We can fix it!

We’ll explain why some patients who have had braces get white/brown/yellow tooth discoloration and will show how we can fix them!

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Plaque buildup on braces

The simple answer is lack of effective cleaning around the braces is what causes these discolored areas. Braces can be HARD to clean! When plaque builds up around the brackets and is not removed, then it causes discoloration in the enamel of the tooth. Eventually it can cause cavities if it gets bad enough.

Top Ways to Prevent Tooth Discoloration While Wearing Braces

  • Use a fluoride mouthrinse like ACT twice daily
  • Use an electric tooth brush twice daily
  • Use a waterflosser like a waterpik to flush out the area around the brackets twice daily
  • See you dentist for regular six months cleaning with fluoride application

Fixing Tooth Discoloration with Dental Bondings

Tooth discoloration from braces

There are several different methods to fix lesions. The most common method is to remove the top layer of discoloration and then to use a dental bonding to fill the area back in.

The good news is that the fix is usually only ONE appointment and is only the cost of a dental bonding, so it’s much less expensive than a veneer or crown.

Dental Bondings Before and After

Dental bonding before and after

It only took 45 minutes to fix the front six teeth. The patient was very happy to finally get rid of the discolorations on her front teeth.

Learn More About Your Options for Treatment

Give us a call if you would like to schedule a consultation to review any discoloring you may have on your teeth.