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Drop The Denture!

Drop The Denture!

We had an individual come to us who had an implant supported denture for many years. They decided they really didn’t like the “removable” aspect of the denture, because of having to take it in and out every night. We were asked if we could make a “fixed bridge” that is more like natural teeth that do not have to be taken in and out. Of course we can!

Before Treatment

Implant supported denture attachment

This picture shows the upper jaw, where you can see four gold “snaps” (called locator abutments) that the individuals old denture was attached to. These snaps help to hold the denture securely in place and have worked well for many years. The other two pictures show the smile with the old dentures in place.

After Treatment

Fixed bridge after photos

These next two pictures show the individual’s smile after installing the new implant bridge. The bridge is held securely to the implants and does not come in and out. It is also much “slimmer” and more natural feeling than a denture. The individual did NOT need any surgery for this, as the same implants they had for many years were re-used for a different purpose.

Implant bridge

This picture shows the implant bridge before it was attached to the implants. The four holes are where it screws into the implants, then they are filled in to make them invisible.

Give us a call to schedule an in person consultation if you are interested in improving your denture or even get rid of it entirely!