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What is Gum Recession?

What is Gum Recession?

In this before and after case we will show how a connective tissue graft and a new bridge dramatically improved this person smile. Sometimes our gum tissue “drops down” around our teeth and exposes the yellow root surface of the tooth. This can be unaesthetic due to the yellow color, but also because it makes the teeth look longer.

Receding Gums and Old Bridge

Receding gums

This photo shows several areas of recession (blue arrows), as well as an old bridge that the patient wanted to replace for esthetic reasons. Let’s take a look at how the dentists at Mint Hill Dentistry fixed this.

Gum Graft and New Bridge

After gum graft

Notice that the areas of gum recession are completely gone! They have been filled back in by the connective tissue graft procedure. After the gum graft, we replaced the bridge with a new more esthetic restoration.

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