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HOOAH Military Donation

HOOAH Military Donation

Many of you may remember in December we asked you to send us your holiday cards or a hand written note or picture to send to our military for the holiday season. We combined each card we received with our dental health kits and were able to send out 345 kits!

HOOAH Inc. reached out to us again last week with a request from a Unit Commander in need of oral health care for his military personnel located in the out reaches of Afghanistan.

The doctors and staff and Mint Hill Dentistry happily stepped up to fulfill the request. We gathered seven cases of toothbrushes (over 600 in total), six cases of floss and five cases of toothpaste. They were shipped along with a box of goodies and snacks including: nuts, jerky, gum, hard candy and rice krispy treats, a total of eight boxes shipped out!

The delivery is expected to be in Afghanistan for disbursement by this Thursday, June 18th! We are so happy to be able to continue to help our military service men and women abroad! As Mint Hill Dentistry covered all costs associated in fulfilling this request, HOOAH was able to divert their funds toward directly supporting two Fort Bragg vets transportation to Florida for PTSD therapy. Paying it forward!


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HOOAH, Inc’s mission is to lend support to forward deployed servicemen and women, their stateside families, and returning veterans with a high level of understanding, compassion, and empathy. We are proud to be a returning sponsor for this 100% non-profit organization.