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Top 5 Reasons it Benefits You to Select an Out of Network Dentist

Out of Network Dentist Benefits

Some people base their decision on which dentist to see if they are in-network with their dental insurance. On the other hand, some go to their dentist of choice no matter if they are out-of-network.

There are actually benefits to selecting an out-of-network dentist that may surprise you. We have narrowed it down to the Top Five.

Insurance Taken

Just because a dentist isn’t in your network doesn’t mean that insurance isn’t accepted at all. Many dental practices don’t participate in Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), but these insurances can still reimburse you. It may require payment upfront, but then your refund would be sent to you by the insurance company. When discussing treatment, we can talk you through this information.

Ability to Choose

Instead of having to choose based on your insurance, you have the freedom to select the dentist that you are the most comfortable with. Many people are already nervous about going to the dentist, so having a dental practice and staff that make you feel less anxious can mean all the difference in the world.

Dentists also can approach the way they do dentistry differently. Do you want to find someone that works with you on a treatment plan that fits with you personally?


You can select a good practice that has highly trained dentists and use the latest in dental technology. A doctor’s expertise and experience is essential. Being able to have the top of the line dental equipment can save you time. As an example, our dental practice offers same-day dental crowns.

Availability to Assist

Our front desk team members are amazing. We will help you work with your insurance company and figure out your benefits before you begin your dental treatment. Our dentists and dental assistants can work with you to develop a plan that encompasses all you want to accomplish with your smile, but in a way that works with your budget and timeline.


Probably the most important (as mentioned earlier) is you being comfortable. It is important for your needs to be first -that is our upmost goal. We want you stress and anxiety free in our dental office and strive everyday to make that happen.

Questions About an Out of Network Dentist?

Give us a call if you would like to discuss what your out-of-network coverage may look like at our dental practice. We are happy to work with you and help you understand your benefits. Schedule a consultation with one of our dentists. We are here for you and want to make your dental experience at our office as pleasurable as it can be.