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Veneers Can Make a Beautiful Smile

Veneers Can Make a Beautiful Smile
Veneers and dental implants

This blog will show you how porcelain veneers and a dental implant remade this person’s smile.

Missing Tooth and Old Dental Work

This patient’s main concern was her missing front tooth along with the old restorations on her front teeth. She did not like the color of them or the recession of the gums around her existing restorations. The treatment plan in this particular situation included one dental implant to replace the missing tooth and then veneers on most of the other upper teeth to correct color and shape.

Missing tooth with old dental work

Final Result from Veneers and Implant

The before and after pictures the amazing difference in the two smiles.

This “after” picture below was taken over four years after completion of treatment.

Veneers Before and After

Which Tooth is the Implant?

It is amazing how well an implant can look like a natural tooth!

This x-ray shows the implant in the bone. The implant is an “artificial root” and then the abutment and the crown are attached to the implant to re-create the tooth.

Which tooth is the implant?

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