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Your Most Common Teeth Whitening Questions Answered

Your Most Common Teeth Whitening Questions Answered

Are you interested in having your teeth whitened for an upcoming wedding, a high school reunion or just to have the smile you’ve always wanted? We’ve compiled the most common questions we are asked about teeth whitening and have answered them for you.

How long with it take?

The time it will take is different for each patient! It depends on many factors including type of stain, intensity of stain, how long and how often the trays are worn, and the individual anatomy of each patient. If you have whitened your teeth before, they will likely whiten much faster the second time. Conversely, if you have never whitened before it will take a little longer. We recommend whitening for a minimum of two weeks and then doing a “shade check” to measure progress.

How white will my teeth get?

This depends on how white your teeth currently are before you begin. We will show you different shade colors to see which one interests you, but overall your teeth can get five to seven shades lighter.

What if I have sensitivity?

Let your dentist know immediately and they can make a recommendation for you to help with the sensitivity. You can also try sensitive toothpaste or a prescription fluoride gel can help to reduce the sensitivity. We will find the right solution for you.

How long will the whitening last on my teeth?

If you follow the instructions provided by your dentist and maintain proper care on your teeth, the whitening should last between one to three years. When it is time to whiten again, the desired shade of whiteness can often be achieved very quickly with a “touchup” application.

Will my crowns and fillings whiten along with my teeth?

The bleach in the tooth whitening will not affect tooth-colored fillings or porcelain crowns. If you complete your whitening of your other teeth and your crowns/fillings appear darker, your dentist will need to alter your existing dental work to make it match the new shade.

Do I have to whiten all my teeth?

No, you do not have to whiten all of your teeth. It is possible to select certain ones you want done. For example, most people choose not to whiten there very back teeth because they are not visible in their smile, it reduces the size of the tray to be worn, and it saves whitening gel so it can be used on the front teeth.

Can I whiten my teeth when I am pregnant?

No, we do not recommend whitening your teeth if you are currently pregnant.

We hope we have helped in your decision regarding tooth whitening. Feel free to give us a call if you have additional questions or for your consultation and custom teeth whitening with one of our dentists at Mint Hill Dentistry.