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Did You Know? Back to School & Athletic Mouthguards

Did You Know? Back to School & Athletic Mouthguards

The month of August – hot and humid weather, last vacations before summer ends and preparing our children for back to school. Once your child reaches an age where they are playing sports (fall football comes to mind!), all of us at Mint Hill Dentistry want to help you protect your children and their teeth.

We know many of you probably receive tips on mouthguards from coaches and/or other parents on the team, but we want to provide some advice and let you know we are here to help!

Only a few sports mandate mouthguards, like football and field hockey, but they are also important to think about with other sports like soccer, basketball, wrestling or baseball. There are a few different types available:

Stock Mouthguards (We do not recommend)

  • Least expensive but also the least protective
  • Available in many sporting goods stores
  • Must be held in place in your mouth by biting on them

Boil & Bite Mouthguard

  • May not cover all of the teeth
  • Actually the most common mouthguard used
  • Not always effective

Custom-Made Mouthguard

  • Created for you at Mint Hill Dentistry
  • Use an impression to create a custom made guard to fit your children’s teeth
  • Better than the stock or boil mouthguards for your child’s teeth

An injury to your children’s teeth could be a very expensive and long-term problem to fix. If your child is going to be participating in sports this year, please give us a call and we can make a recommendation on the best mouthguard for them and create a custom mouthguard just for your child. We want to help protect your child’s teeth and make sure the mouthguard they wear is the best and fitted perfectly!