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Brand New Technology at Mint Hill Dentistry: TRIOS Scanner

TRIOS Scanner

Our practice is constantly researching and keeping an eye on the latest in dental technology to be sure our practice stays up-to-date for our patients. To further enhance your experience with us, we have recently purchased and been trained on a new piece of equipment called the TRIOS® Scanner.

The new scanner offers you the top of the line for dental technology, showing extremely clear detail of the inside of your mouth. Many of our patients are also uncomfortable with the current way of having impressions taken before their dental work is complete. Guess what, this new machine allows us to take digital impressions!!

Some of the other features of this new scanner include:

RealColor™ Scans

By scanning in natural colors, it provides our team with a realistic scan that is not possible with traditional black and white scans. The newly enhanced colors help us identify and evaluate your teeth even better than before.

Shade Measurement

The TRIOS scanner allows us to measure the color of your teeth as we scan them for a digital impression. This information can be sent to the laboratory creating your new teeth, allowing for a more perfect color match for your existing teeth.

High-Definition Photos

We are able to take high definition photos as we scan in your mouth to be able to show you exactly where a problem may be. It will allow us to explain in more detail while showing you a picture of the inside of your mouth.

We look forward to showing you this new equipment during your next appointment and also making your experience even more pleasurable when you come to see us at Mint Hill Dentistry!