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Decayed Tooth Replaced with Dental Implant

Decayed Tooth Replaced with Dental Implant

A dental implant can be an esthetic replacement for your tooth that needs to be replaced. It both looks and functions like a natural tooth. The case below will feature a tooth that is badly decayed and needs to be removed.

Before Photo

Decayed tooth before dental implant

The X-Ray shows the decay on the tooth that needs to be removed. After reviewing all of the treatment options with the dentist, the individual decided to replace the tooth with a dental implant.

CT Planning

Decayed tooth CT planning

The CT scan allows the dentist to evaluate and plan the particular case in 3D. This CT scan shows the individual is an excellent candidate for “immediate placement” of the implant, which means only one surgery will be required.

Day of Surgery

Implant day of surgery

The individual preferred to have the surgical procedure under IV sedation, which is offered at our dental office. The tooth was extracted and the implant was placed immediately on the same day, requiring only one surgery.

The X-Ray shows the implant in place with a custom healing abutment (looks similar to a screw) to maximize the esthetic outcome.

Final Restoration and After Photo

Final restoration picture showing implant

The photo and the X-Ray show a natural looking restoration on the implant. This change allowed the individual to smile and also chew like normal again.

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