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Dentures and Implants Make it a Snap!

Dentures and Implants Make it a Snap!

This post will show several examples individuals chose to have implant retained dentures. Unlike normal dentures you currently think of, implant retained dentures FIRMLY snap into place.

Case #1 (Lower Teeth)

Lower implant denture before

Before: The individual had five infected and painful lower teeth which were unable to be saved. In addition, you could see an unaesthetic smile.

Lower implant denture after

After: We placed four implants on the lower (gold places in photo) and added new dentures for a very esthetic (and happy!) smile.

Case #2 (Upper and Lower Teeth)

Upper and lower implant dentures before

Before: This individual had severe periodontal disease and teeth beyond repair. They were also unhappy with their smile and function of their teeth.

Upper and lower implant dentures after

After: In total there were six implants placed on top and four on the bottom. The final smile is drastically improved with the upper and lower implant retained dentures.

Case #3 (Lower teeth)

Lower implant dentures before

Before: The current upper denture was unaesthetic and the bottom teeth were not functioning.

Lower implant dentures after

After: We provided a new upper denture and four lower implants. Result – a wide and bright smile!

We would be happy to answer any questions you have and review your options with you. Many with current dentures can be good candidates for implant dentures. Give us a call to schedule a consultation!