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Dentist Update: Dr. Burd and Dr. Tremont

Dr. AJ Tremont and Dr. John Burd

We rarely do these updates on our dentists, but we thought everyone may like a update! Many of you may remember Dr. John Burd retired at the end of 2020 and Dr. AJ Tremont has been seeing his patients since that time. On a random day you may catch Dr. Burd still in the office filling in, visiting staff or checking his grandson’s teeth, but we wanted to fill you in on what he’s been doing the past year. Also we wanted share with you all Dr. Tremont has been up to at Mint Hill Dentistry and with his family.

Dr. Burd

Dr. John Burd has been keeping busy since he retired from Mint Hill Dentistry. While the virus was in its peak he worked to give the COVID-19 vaccine and also reconstituting them (preparing the vaccine to be given). After he completed that he has been filling in at various dental offices from Mooresville to Charlotte to Mint Hill to Locust. He is going to continue to fill in for dentists checking their hygiene patients and seeing emergencies while they are away throughout the remainder of the year.

Dr. Burd and Grandsons

He also has enjoyed being able to spend more time with his three grandsons. They keep him busy and always enjoy time with their Boppy. On nice days too you can also find him outside playing golf or enjoying time at the lake.

Dr. Tremont

Dr. AJ Tremont joined the practice in July of 2019, before Dr. Burd retired. When he left, Dr. Tremont started seeing all of Dr. Burd’s patients. He has really enjoyed getting to meet everyone and learn more about each and every person whether it be at hygiene checks or for dental visits. He also has been doing all of the Invisalign treatments for our entire office.

Dr. Tremont's Family

When he is not at Mint Hill Dentistry, he has kept very busy! He and his wife welcomed this first child in October of 2020. Her name is Paige and she is the cutest little one. Dr. Tremont also likes to go fly fishing in Montana and spending time with his family.

We can’t wait to see you in the office for your dental cleanings or an appointment with Dr. Tremont! If you haven’t had a chance to meet him yet, he’s looking forward to getting to know all of you. And of course always keep an eye out – you never know when you may catch Dr. Burd and Dr. Tremont both at the office!