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Do You Know What a Diastema Is?

Do You Know What a Diastema Is?

We bet many of you don’t know what a diastema is and in some situations people who have one love it and don’t want to change it.

Have you guessed it? Don’t worry we’ll tell you!

A diastema is a gap between your two front teeth. Like we mentioned before, some people really like their gap and other people dislike the space and want to make it go away. Esthetic dental bondings are a great way to close this space. This particular case from Mint Hill Dentistry will show a simple before and after picture of a diastema closed with a tooth colored bonding.

Diastema Treatment

Diastema before and after

You can see that this person’s diastema is now gone. The tooth-colored filling blends in perfectly so that you can’t tell the difference between the bonding and the natural tooth.

While there is no concern for either of your teeth if you decide to keep your diastema, if you are one of the individuals who does not like to have one give our office a call. We can set-up a consultation for you to discuss the simple and quick dental bonding!