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Do Your Teeth Have CRAZE LINES?!

Do Your Teeth Have CRAZE LINES?!

Did you know your teeth can get crazy lines in them? We bet most of you may not!

Craze line on front tooth

A craze line is a hair-line crack in a tooth that can become discolored and eventually unaesthetic over time. This particular case below will show how to conservatively repair a craze line on a front tooth with matching tooth-colored bonding.

Treatment for Craze Lines

This was a very quick and cost-effective way for this individual to dramatically improve the look of their smile. The overall treatment time in our office was less than 30 minutes!

Craze lines before and after

If you have similar craze lines in your smile or are just concerned about a particular aesthetic of your front teeth, contact our Mint Hill Dentistry office to set up a consultation. We’re always happy to evaluate your smile and provide you with our recommendation.