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Failed Bridge and Replacement of Seven Teeth

Failed Bridge and Replacement of Seven Teeth

Today you’ll see a bridge that had been in place for over 30 years, but unfortunately it now had failed and the individual was going to lose seven of their upper teeth. We’ll show you how the dentist at Mint Hill Dentistry reconstructed their smile using dental implants.

Failed Bridge

Photos of the failed dental bridge

The two pictures show different views of the current bridge (circled in blue) that needed to be replaced. All of the natural teeth that were supporting this bridge have since decayed and some of them were even infected.

Case Planning with 3D CT Technology

CT planning for new implant bridge

Every dental implant case at Mint Hill Dentistry is planned using state-of-the-art 3-D technology to evaluate the bone before the procedure is completed. This plan shows the placement of four implants to support a new implant bridge.

These implants were placed “immediately” at the time we removed the bridge, which reduces the treatment time and the number of surgeries for the patient.

Restoring the Implant with Teeth

Custom titanium abutments

The implants were allowed to heal for three months. This picture shows the custom titanium abutments that the dentist used to place the new bridge on the implants. You can see the four abutments (silver in color). Each of these abutments is screwed into the implant and will be used as the “connecting piece” for the new teeth.

Final Implant Bridge

Final implant bridge before and after
Dental implants fixed failed bridge

A restored smile for this person! Using dental implants the doctor was able to almost exactly recreate this patient’s smile after losing seven teeth from the failed bridge.

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