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Losing Your Front Tooth

Losing Your Front Tooth

We are going to feature a case about an individual that needed to have their front tooth extracted. They were able to replace it immediately with a dental implant at Mint Hill Dentistry. In this particular situation the front tooth was fractured off and was not going to be able to be saved.

Fractured upper front right tooth
Broken front tooth before surgery

The person decided to have the tooth extracted and an implant and a temporary crown placed all in one visit. The photos and X-Rays show what everything looked like BEFORE the surgery.

3D CT technology


Every implant case at Mint Hill Dentistry is planned using state-of-the-art 3-D technology, called a CT scan, to evaluate the bone before the surgery. This technology allows the doctor to see the individual’s anatomy in great detail, allowing for the safe and predictable treatment planning of implants and other surgical procedures.

Day of Surgery

Broken tooth day of surgery

This photo and X-Ray show the implant and temporary crown in place. The individual will have this temporary crown in place for three months while the implant heals and then the final abutment and crown will be made.

10-Day Post Operation Check

10 day post op check
Implant in excellent surgical and prosthetic position

Every implant patient is seen for a 10-day post operation visit. The gum tissue has already healed nicely. The post-op scan shows the implant in excellent surgical and prosthetic position. In addition the person reported no postoperative pain or discomfort and was thrilled with the esthetics of the temporary crown.

Before and After Comparison Photos

Broken front tooth before and after

The best part… they will never be without a front tooth! If you are missing tooth/teeth and are considering dental implants, contact our office to set-up a consultation. Also, you can find out more information about our dental implant services by clicking here.