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Grinding & Tooth Wear

Grinding & Tooth Wear

Severe Tooth Wear

Have you ever been told that you grind your teeth? It is even something you may even do in your sleep and not be aware of it. Did you know that the damage to your teeth from clenching and grinding can be even MORE destructive than cavities or periodontal disease?! We bet you’re surprised by that fact.

Teeth Grinding Symptoms

Grinding can cause:

  • Chipped, broken and stained teeth
  • Shortened teeth (which effects the esthetics of the smile)
  • Split/cracked teeth that are not savable and need to be extracted
  • Muscle and TMJ pain resulting in headaches, jaw and neck pain

Preventing Teeth from Grinding

The best way to treat grinding is PREVENTION!! Wearing a custom night guard made by your dentist can help prevent all of the negative effects listed above. However, if the damage has already occurred, then crowns are usually required to restore the broken teeth back to normal.

Images of tooth wear

These pictures show the severe wear present on this person’s teeth. Every single tooth that isn’t already protected with a crown is severely damaged. In this case, the upper teeth were treated with crowns to prevent the teeth from sustaining even more damage than they already have. It also will help to create a more esthetic smile.

Before and After

Tooth wear before and after

The photos above show the person’s original smile and with the upper front six teeth treated with crowns.

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If your teeth are damaged from clenching and grinding, and you would like an evaluation to determine what treatment options are available give Mint Hill Dentistry a call!