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Wedding Smile Makeover!

Wedding Smile Makeover!

Wedding smile makeover before

It’s almost March and that means we’re getting close to the Spring wedding season. We had a person come to our dental office who was unhappy with the appearance of her smile. But, we were on a time frame to make her smile better!  In just three weeks was her daughter’s wedding and she wanted her teeth to look better before the big day!

Temporary Crown

Temporary crowns for wedding

This picture shows the temporary crowns that were used for the wedding day, but gave her the quick and very improved smile. These will be replaced with permanent ones after the wedding.

Permanent Crown

Final crowns and implant

These pictures show the amazing difference that dentistry can make in the appearance of your teeth. This case involved only three crowns and a dental implant to replace the broken canine tooth. With only treating four teeth in total it dramatically altered the appearance of her entire smile.

You can learn more about our services by clicking here. And if you you are looking for a makeover on your teeth give us a call. We offer everything from Invisalign, teeth whitening to same-day crowns.