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Healing an Infection

Healing an Infection

Have you ever been told that you need to have a root canal? We’re sure when you hear that it doesn’t sound all that pleasant of an experience. But, we’ll show you a particular case where a patient had a painful and infected tooth that was completely healed by a root canal therapy.

The Problem

Dead Tooth with Infection

The X-Ray shows a tooth right after the root canals as completed. The bright white material in the middle of the tooth is the root canal filling material that seals the tooth from the bacteria (blue arrows).

The shadow at the bottom of the root (red arrow) is the infection. Now that the tooth is treated, the infection can be healed by the body.

Six Months Later

Six Months Later - No Infection

Here is an X-Ray of the same tooth and it shows the infection is completely gone. The area has filled back in with the bone – meaning no more shadow!

The root canal treatment solved a painful problem for this patient and allowed us to save her tooth from needing to be extracted.

The last step is to protect the tooth with a crown.

Same-Day Crown

Same Day Crown

To protect the tooth from fracturing, a crown was put on top of the tooth. This was done in one day with using our advanced CAD/CAM technology.

If you are having tooth paint and think you might be an candidate for root canal therapy, please give us a call and we are happy to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors. You can learn more about our same day dental implant offerings by clicking here.