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Saving Four Teeth

Saving Four Teeth

Recently our dentists at Mint Hill Dentistry saved four teeth on this individuals upper right side of their mouth. Without this work it would have been impossible for them to chew on that side! The best solution to fix this particular issue was with a mixture of crowns and implants.

The X- Ray shows what the teeth look like after a very old bridge had fallen off. The person was already missing one tooth and a second tooth needed to be extracted because of a large cavity.

First Phase: Implants

This 3-D CT scan shows how the dentist replaced the two missing teeth with dental implants. Every implant at Mint Hill Dentistry are virtually planned with advanced 3-D technology. These particular implants required a sinus lift (you will be able to see the result of this in a later X-Ray).

Now this 3-D image shows the implants after they were healed. You can see the successful sinus lift and the new bone growth around the top of the implants in the sinus. Now they are ready to have the new teeth put on them!

Second Phase: Creating the Teeth

These pictures show some of the labwork that goes into creating the teeth for implants. The metal substructure is called an “abutment,” and this is the connecting piece between the implant and crown. The tooth (crown) then goes on top of the abutment.

Final Result

The final X-Ray shows all of the completed treatment with two new implants and four total new crowns. This dental treatment restored the entire back upper right side of this persons mouth, allowing them to smile and chew like normal again.

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Now that you have seen what it took to restore this persons smile, give us a call if you have missing teeth or failing existing dental work. We are happy to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors. You can learn more about our same day dental implant offerings by clicking here.