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Implant Scenario: Broken Tooth

Implant Scenario: Broken Tooth

Our feature for this blog shows where someone has a tooth in which the crown has completely broken off and the tooth is not restorable. After a consultation with our dentist, the patient elected to replace their tooth with a dental implant.

Initial X-Ray Photo

X-ray broken tooth

  • The blue arrows indicate where the tooth is broken tooth
  • The tooth has too much damage to be fixed, so an implant is the best option to entirely replace this tooth.

This image shows exactly what the tooth looks like to the eye.

Broken tooth

The CT Scan allows the dentist to plan in 3-D for the upcoming dental implant. In this scenario:

CT scan of broken tooth

  • The 3-D CT image shows that this patient is an excellent candidate for extraction of the tooth and placement of the implant at the same time. This is great for the patient because it shortens the treatment time and eliminates extra surgeries.
  • The CT Scan will allow for precise planning of the implant and shows the position of the nerve in the jaw.

Final Image

Final restoration with dental implant

  • The tooth was extracted, the implant was placed and the final restoration was delivered three months later.
  • This implant required only one surgery and only a few visits to achieve an excellent final result.

One of the great benefits at Mint Hill Dentistry is the ability for extraction of the tooth and implant placed in the same day. It will help save you time and additional surgeries. Contact us today for your evaluation!