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Invisalign’s New Technology

Invisalign’s New Technology

While Invisalign has been around since 1997, the technology they employ has changed dramatically since then. Not only is what Invisalign offer patients now a better version of itself, it is substantially better than what other companies offer as well. Every year they come out with some cool new features, and we wanted to update what some of those newest features are.

Shorter Wear Time

The most favorite update from Invisalign for people may be the SHORTER wear times! When Invisalign first started, it was a three-week wear time for each tray in the complete series of trays. For example, if you had 20 aligners, it would take over a year to complete! Between that and any refinements needed, most cases took 2+ years.

It transitioned to two-week wear some years ago, and for certain cases that is still necessary. But now for the majority of people, trays are to be changed each week! In the same example as above, 20 trays would take about 5 months. This gives you your desired smile, in significantly less time! Everyone is different based upon your end result, but we can help you get there faster with the new technology.

Optimized Attachments

Depending upon the starting position of your teeth, your case may require attachments. These are small tooth colored buttons that help certain teeth that require more advanced movements in your mouth. While they used to be really big and bulky, Invisalign now has what are called optimized attachments. They are customized for you and the specific tooth movement required. These are the main reason Invisalign is predictable and allowing for shorter wear times.

Improved Aligners

The actual clear aligners you wear have improved drastically from the beginning. They have what is called G8 technology. This basically means the trays adapt to each of your teeth with different levels of pressure to ensure they move to the correct position. The old tray used to be rigid and would not allow for varying levels. The trays are more comfortable as well.

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