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Learn How Dental Bonding Can Improve Your Smile

Learn How Dental Bonding Can Improve Your Smile
Improve your smile with dental bonding

What exactly is dental bonding?

A dental bonding is when a dentist adds a tooth-colored material to a portion of the tooth to fill in or reshape that particular part of the tooth.

In some instances, bondings are the same things as “fillings” and the dentist can use a bonding to fix a cavity. The dentist can also use a bonding to fix stained or discolored areas of teeth that are not esthetic when a patient smiles.

The bonding material starts off as a putty, which is molded into the prepared area of the tooth. The dentist then uses a special blue light which causes the putty to “set” and become a solid material.

Before and After

You can see the dramatic difference that cosmetic dental bondings had for this patient!

Dental bonding before and after

The cavities have been removed and replaced with bonded fillings. The discolored areas have been removed and bonded over.  This patient is able to smile confidently again.

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Contact us to see if you are a good candidate for bondings! They are often a fraction of the cost of a crown and almost always covered by dental insurance.

You can also learn more about dental bonding in our cosmetic dentistry services section.