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Look How Crowns Can Rebuild Your Smile

Look How Crowns Can Rebuild Your Smile

This individual had worn, chipped, fractured and discolored teeth. In this post we will show how cosmetic dentistry was able to transform his smile using dental crowns!

Smile Analysis

When the doctors at Mint Hill Dentistry work to remake your smile, it all starts with the smile analysis. What do YOU as the patient not like about your teeth? A thorough discussion of these issues allows us to understand the final outcome that is desired.

In this patient’s case, he did not like the discoloration, shape or length shape of his teeth, the fractured/broken teeth and the overall appearance of his smile. These photos show the appearance of the patient’s smile before treatment:

Smile Analysis for dental crowns

Step One: Prepare the Teeth and Place Temporaries

  • The first step in doing crowns is to prepare the teeth. The dentist shapes each tooth so the crowns can be cemented on top of the teeth.
  • After the teeth are prepared, an impression or a digital scan will be used to make an exact replica of the teeth so the lab can make the permanent crowns.
  • The dentist then makes the temporary crowns. The temporary crowns are important because they allow the patient to “test-drive” their new teeth prior to having the final crowns made.
Smile after temporary crowns

Step Two: Remove Temporaries and Place Final Crowns

  • The second step is to remove the temporaries and to cement the final crowns that are made of high quality, durable, and esthetic material by our local laboratory.
  • You can see below in the before and after pictures how big of a difference this treatment made! This patent was thrilled with his new smile and his kids told him that his new teeth made him look 20 years younger.
Smile after permanent crowns

Contact Us to Learn More

All of the patient’s goals were achieved with this treatment. Give us a call if you are interested in booking your smile analysis!