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Mint Hill Dentistry Local FBI Training Participation

Mint Hill Dentistry Local FBI Training Participation

FBI Child Abduction Training

During February 29th through March 4th, Mint Hill Dentistry worked with the local Mint Hill Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on their child abduction training.

Our dentistry office has video cameras on the outside of the building, which can be used to assist tin an investigation to help gather information about a child that had been abducted.

In the letter we received, it mentioned the field training exercise ‘was provided to approximately 50 investigators from over 20 law enforcement agencies from around the State of North Carolina and involved real-life scenario and classroom training. It was like no other and the feedback was phenomenal.’

We received a certificate for our participation and support during the exercise. We are honored to be a part of the local Mint Hill community and are so glad to be able to assist at a time of need!