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Tooth In A Day Series with CEREC: Broken Tooth

Tooth In A Day Series with CEREC: Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth with Metal Filling

A person came in to Mint Hill Dentistry with a portion of a tooth broken and also remnants of an older metal filling remaining in the tooth. There are several treatment options available to restore this type of problem:

  1. Large Filling
  2. Onlay Restoration
  3. Crown

Broken Tooth Treatment Options

In this particular situation, the individual and the dentist decided to do an onlay because it preserves more of the natural tooth than a crown, but it will last longer than a filing.

Digital Impression and Design

Computer Design of Tooth Restoration

The tooth in the mouth was prepared and then it was scanned digitally using the CEREC machine. The dentist then was able to design the restoration on the computer. The image shows an example of how it will look restored.

Final Restoration

Final Restoration of Broken Tooth

The picture shows the final restoration with the onlay that blends very well with the natural tooth. It is very hard to tell where one ends and the other begins! This only will provide an esthetic and long lasting restoration, while also preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible.

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At Mint Hill Dentistry we can repair and replace your tooth in the same day, so give us a call to schedule your consultation or to learn more about the CEREC machine.