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New Technology Introduction: CT Scan

New Technology Introduction: CT Scan

At Mint Hill Dentistry we are always looking to offer our patients the latest in dental technology and invest in these options to continue to improve your experience at our office. We have a unique X-Ray machine we would like to introduce you to called the Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography or “CT Scan” for short.

What is a CT Scan?

The CT Scan is a very distinctive X-Ray, which allows the teeth and jaws to be seen in 3D. It allows our dentists to view your teeth with incredible detail and with a level of accuracy that has not previously been possible with 2D imaging.

Benefits of a CT Scan

This is a relatively new advancement to be available outside of a hospital environment. A CT scan at the hospital uses a large machine that takes images of a large area with a higher dose of radiation, but a dental CT scan is a much smaller machine that uses much less radiation to capture high quality images of a small area. Currently very few general dental offices are able to offer this type of equipment.

Dental Procedures a CT Scan Can Assist

The doctors at Mint Hill Dentistry can use the CT Scan in numerous different situations when evaluating your teeth. They include:

Wisdom Teeth/Impacted Teeth

A 3D image allows the dentist to know exactly where the tooth is located in relation to important anatomical structures.

Dental Implants

Critical to accurately and safely plan the dental implants; it allows the dentist to know the exact height and width of the bone available for the implant in advance, as well as the location and size of the nerves and arteries.

Root Canals

Allows the dentist to see the root canal anatomy of the tooth before treating it and also see canals that may otherwise be very difficult or impossible to find without knowing they are there ahead of time.


The CT Scan is important to diagnose and determine how to treat the pathology of the head and neck.

Infected Teeth

If you have a toothache and there is an infection at the tip of the tooth, a CT scan can show how big the infection is and help determine appropriate treatment options.

Cracked Teeth

Can often show if a tooth is split and where the crack is located.

Sinus Pathology

The scan typically captures all or part of the sinus area and can show if there is any sinus inflammation or pathology present.


A CT scan can show the anatomy of the jaw joint, which can lead to accurate diagnosis of TMJ disorders.


The orthodontist can use the CT scan from Mint Hill Dentistry to gain information about the location and arrangement of teeth and facial structures, which allows for more accurate treatment planning.

We hope you have a learned a little more about the CT Scan and how it can further improve your experience in our office. Throughout the rest of the month we are going to feature examples of how we can utilize the CT Scan. We look forward to showing it to you on your next visit.