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CT Scan Uses: Scenario One

CT Scan Uses: Scenario One

Mouth Showing Missing Tooth

Last week we shared a general overview with you about the CT Scan we have in our offices at Mint Hill Dentistry that allows us to see your teeth and jaw in 3D. This technology allows us to view any potential problems in greater detail. In case you missed our first post this month, you can view it here.

Now we are going to show you different scenarios in which having the 3D CT Scan can benefit you and your dental team.

This individual came to us with a missing tooth and was interested in an implant. In the photo from the original CT Scan you can see it shows:

  • Excellent height and width of the bone
  • Accurate position planning for the implant
  • Determination of the bone density and quality
  • Sinus evaluation

CT Scan Implant Plan

Three months after the implant was placed another CT Scan was taken. From here you can see:

  • Confirms the implant has been integrated
  • Shows the excellent bone levels
  • Bone growth over the tip of the implant

Dental Implant Results After 3 Months

The final image shows you a 2D regular X-Ray with the tooth on the implant. All of the planning up front allowed for a very successful implant placement!

X-Ray of Dental Implant