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The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a complex joint many people have problems with for numerous reasons.  Most TMJ issues can be easily diagnosed and treated effectively over time with the proper care.

TMJ Symptoms

The staff at Mint Hill Dentistry is here to help you with your TMJ problems and create a solution for you.  TMJ issues can develop for many different reasons.  Do any of the following issues sound like a problem you are currently having?

  • Grinding or clenching your teeth
  • Stress related clinching
  • Sore and/or stiff jaw muscles
  • Headaches and neck aches
  • Clicking or grating noises when you open your mouth
  • Trouble opening your mouth wide
  • Damaged jaw due to injury or disease
  • Hard to use your front teeth to bite your food
  • Sensitive, loose, broken or worn down teeth

Mint Hill Dentistry can help you solve your TMJ with various treatment options. Once we confirm the diagnosis of TMJ, we will determine the best way to treat your individualized problems.

TMJ Treatment Options

To start, we will want to relieve the muscle spasms and any joint pain you are experiencing.  There are a few ways to accomplish this: by taking a pain reliever or anti-inflammatory, or by resting your jaw and keeping your teeth apart when you are not swallowing or eating.

In many cases an effective treatment will be to create a splint for you to wear at night. It is a clear plastic appliance (also known as a nightguard) that fits over your top or bottom teeth, keeping your teeth apart and helping the muscles to relax. It will also help you stop clenching and grinding your teeth. There are additional appliances that may be used, including an anterior repositioning appliance that assists in moving your jaw forward, relieving any pressure. Another option may be an orthotic stabilization appliance, which can move the jaw into the correct position.  Both of these can work 24 hours a day if needed.