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School Athletics In Full Gear

School Athletics In Full Gear

For the month of July we want to focus on the importance of mouthguards for school athletics and what is available for your children. Some schools have already begun their practicing (especially football), if not they will begin in the next few weeks. Our team at Mint Hill Dentistry is here to help you protect your children’s teeth.

We know currently only a few sports mandate students wear a mouthguard, specifically football and field hockey, but they are also important to think about with other sports like soccer, basketball, wrestling or baseball. Some of you may be given tips or recommendations on mouthguards from coaches and/or other parents on the team, but we want to provide expert information.

We are going to cover the different options available to you on the market. There are three main types you will run across:

Stock Mouthguards (We do not recommend)

  • Least expensive but also the least protective
  • Available in many sporting goods stores
  • Must be held in place in your mouth by biting on them

Boil & Bite Mouthguard

  • May not cover all of the teeth
  • Actually the most common mouthguard used
  • Not always effective

Custom Mouthguards

  • Created for you at Mint Hill Dentistry
  • Use an impression to create a custom made guard to fit your children’s teeth
  • Better than the stock or boil mouthguards for your child’s teeth

Across the board we recommend the custom-made mouthguard for your children. It is by far the safest. Keep an eye out for our next article this month in which we will discuss the benefits of the custom mouthguard.

If your child is has already begun practicing for their sport, please schedule an appointment today.