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What’s a Post?

What’s a Post?

You’re probably thinking a post… I’m pretty sure I know what a post is. A wood post, a metal post, even a blog post! But that’s not the kind were talking about. A dental post is very small, but also very important. It can save your tooth and your smile. Let us explain.

Broken tooth and xray

We had an individual who came to see us at Mint Hill Dentistry because they broke off their front tooth! As you can see in the picture and the X-Ray, only a couple of millimeters of the tooth was left sticking up above the gums. In order to put a crown back on this tooth, the dentist needed enough solid tooth structure to “grab onto” with the crown. This is where the importance of the post comes into play.

Dental post xray before and after

Can you see the metal post that is inside the root of the tooth? That is our dental post. It allows the dentist to “build up” part of the tooth for a crown. After doing the post and the core build up, the dentist now has enough solid tooth structure to put a crown back on the tooth and fix this person’s smile!!

Dental post photo before and after

So, just like a post is used as support to build a home, our dental post is the same support for your tooth (just on a extremely smaller scale!). If you have a broken or chipped tooth, give us a call for a consultation.