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CT Scan Uses: Scenario Four

CT Scan Uses: Scenario Four

Fractured Adult Baby Tooth Before

Our last scenario for the month of November will feature a baby tooth on an adult that has been fractured and needs to be removed. The CT Scan is also used to plan the removal of the tooth and plan the placement of the implant. The implant will be placed immediately! In case you missed our first post with benefits and general information about the CT Scan, you can view it here.

The CT Scan shows:

  • Bone height and width
  • Root anatomy of the baby tooth
  • Position of the nerve

Fractured Adult Baby Tooth CT Scan

The blue arrow shows the final photo with the tooth restoration in place and the X-Ray shows you the implant.

Fractured Adult Baby Tooth After

We hope you have seen the benefits of using the CT Scan technology and the level of detail the 3D images provide the doctors at Mint Hill Dentistry.