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CT Scan Uses: Scenario Three

CT Scan Uses: Scenario Three

Our third scenario showcases how the latest in technology with the CT Scan gives specific detail for the doctors when someone comes to us with a fractured tooth.  In case you missed our first post with general information about the CT Scan, you can view it here.

This individual came to us with a fracture in their premolar that was unable to be repaired.

Fractured Tooth Before Treatment

The plan is for an extraction of the fractured tooth and for an implant to be placed immediately. The CT Scan shows:

  • Allows for accurate placement of the implant
  • CT Shows sinus cavity and adjacent teeth and bone density, quality and quantity
  • Yellow Post – Planned location for the implant

CT Placement Plan

The final 2D X-Ray shows the final product with the tooth connected to the implant. We will have one more scenario for you coming soon.

Fractured Tooth After Treatment