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CT Scan Uses: Scenario Two

CT Scan Uses: Scenario Two

We are continuing our scenarios in which the CT Scan can show in great detail when someone comes to us with a dental problem. In case you missed our first post with general information about the CT Scan, you can view it here.

The next scenario features a person who came to us with pain in their lower right tooth.

The initial scan showed exactly what the issue was – a root fracture (the arrow points to the area on the photograph).

  • Dark areas show the areas of infection that are painful
  • Based upon the CT Scan it is determined the tooth needs to be replaced with an implant

Tooth Diagnosis Root Fracture

The second photo shows how the CT Scan helps prepare for the implant:

  • Red line – shows the position of the neurovascular bundle in the lower jaw
  • Blue post – represents the area for the planned implant
  • White tooth – 3D planned crown shows the projected final restoration

CT Scan Implant Planning

Not only did the 3D CT Scan show the initial problem in clear detail, it helped in the planning/preparation for the new implant. Keep an eye out for a few more scenarios!