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Babies: Caring for Gums & Teeth

Babies: Caring for Gums & Teeth

Congratulations on the newest member of your family!  We know it is very busy in your home now and a lot to think about with a new little one, so we narrowed down some of the most important tips to remember.  Infant oral health is very crucial and it is important to have good cleaning habits early. From pacifiers to 12 months – we’re here to help with a few tips and pointers for you and your wee little one.


  • Wipe with gauze to clean the gums before your baby has any teeth appear. You can also consider wipes that are made specifically for baby’s gums – just give a close eye to the ingredients before you purchase them.
  • After the first tooth appears (typically around six months), use a sized appropriate toothbrush to clean the teeth and use a very small smear of fluoride toothpaste.
  • ALWAYS clean your babies gums and teeth after the final feeding in the evening.


  • Don’t dip your baby’s pacifier into sugar – it can start a bad habit and problems down the road!
  • We prefer your family use ones that are labeled orthodontic pacifiers. This design allows the jaw to move naturally to not cause any long-term issues.
  • Consider weaning your children after 12 months from pacifier or thumb sucking.

Teething and Trauma

  • Teething toys are wonderful gems when your child is working on getting his/her teeth out. Just be sure there is no external paint on them and they are one solid piece.
  • Do not use frozen toys or ones with gel in them after the child has their teeth in as they could rupture.
  • Help prevent trauma to the teeth as your child is learning to walk by covering table corners and fireplace edges. Also put a cover over the bathtub nozzle. Simple changes can help prevent major accidents.

Dental Visits

  • Schedule your first dental visit for around the age of three, when they are able to follow simple instructions. We will give them their first oral exam and work with you on proper cleaning techniques.
  • If there are any problems before the age of three, we recommend seeing a pediatric dentist.
  • And of course we are here to answer any of your questions along the way!

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