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Same Day Crowns: How Do They Work?

Same Day Crowns: How Do They Work?

Replacing a metal filling with a same day crown

This patient had an extremely discolored tooth! The metal filling that had been there for many years caused a bluish/blackish unaesthetic appearance to the tooth. Thankfully, a crown is the perfect solution for this problem! At Mint Hill Dentistry, we have the ability to provide this treatment in ONE VISIT!

First Step: Scanning the Prepared Tooth

Scanning the prepared tooth

Your doctor will shape and prepare the tooth for the crown. Then, the tooth is scanned with a high resolution digital scanner. This allows your new crown to be digitally designed and then milled right there in the dental office!

Second Step: Digital Design

Digital design of dental crown

After scanning, your doctor designs the exact shape and fit of your crown using special software. These photos show what the final design looks like before it is ready to be milled.

Third Step: The Crown is Milled

Milling the dental crown

Once the tooth is digitally designed, it is milled out of one of several materials that are both highly esthetic and strong. This picture shows what the crown looks like right after it is done milling. Notice how precise the shape of the crown is! That is what allows it to have a perfect fit to your tooth and provide excellent long term results. Time for it to go in the oven where it will turn the correct color!

Fourth Step: The Crown Goes in the Oven

Baking the dental crown

After milling, the crown goes in the oven to be “baked” at extremely high temperatures. This is the final process in creating the “cap” before it is ready to be cemented to the tooth.

Final Step: The Crown is Permanently Cemented to the Tooth

Attaching crown to tooth

This picture and X-Ray show what the crown looks like after the procedure is completed.

Before and After Comparison Photos

Same day crown before and after

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