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Top Three Reasons Your Child Should Wear a CUSTOM Sports Mouth Guard

Top Three Reasons Your Child Should Wear a CUSTOM Sports Mouth Guard

Did you know your dentist can make a custom athletic guard that is much more comfortable, effective, and long-lasting than one of the “boil and bite” guards you can purchase at the store?

Custom sports mouth guards

Top Three Reasons for a Custom Athletic Guard

  • Concussions – A hard tackle in football, an elbow to the face in basketball, a ball to the head in baseball – it happens. The concussive force of the lower teeth slamming into the upper teeth is a leading cause of concussions!! A properly fitted mouthguard will help prevent concussions.
  • Tooth Loss / Tooth Fracture – Ever wonder why so many hockey players are missing their front teeth?? Our teeth are often the first thing to get injured from a blow to the face. When a young person loses, or even chips, a front tooth at an early age it becomes a problem that requires constant maintenance for the rest of their lives. Prevention is the best strategy!
  • Jaw Fracture – Jaw fractures are much more common than people realize. It does not take much force applied in just the right way to break someone’s jaw. A mouth guard helps absorb the force and prevent jaw fractures that can require costly and invasive surgery to repair.

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Give our dental office a call today to schedule an appointment for your child to get a custom mouth guard before school sports start again. Also for additional education, check out information from the American Dental Association about mouth guards here.