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Saving a Tooth from Internal Resorption

Saving a Tooth from Internal Resorption

We have featured a case before where a tooth needed to be extracted because of resorption and replaced with an implant. Whenever possible, we always prefer to save the tooth if at all possible! This particular case will show you how we save teeth with resorption.

Utilizing CT Technology

Resorption Diagnosis

At Mint Hill Dentistry we use the latest in technology available to us and one example includes 3D X-Rays. The X-Ray shows the 3D appearance of the tooth. You can see the enlarged nerve space (blue arrow) of this tooth. This is what Internal Resorption looks like when we see it on an X-Ray. The cells in this tissue are the cause of the inflammatory process that has been destroying the tooth from the inside out.

Luckily for this individual, the resorption has not completely destroyed the root of the tooth and it has a good chance of being saved with endodontic therapy – a “root canal.”

Root Canal

Endodontic Therapy Completed

The X-Ray shows the same tooth after the root canal has been completed. The root canal procedure removes all of the unhealthy nerve tissue from the inside of the tooth.
The white line in the middle of the root is the root canal filling material that seals off the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments have a high success rate, however there have been cases where the tooth has a problem in the future. With the same technology as we initially used (CT Scan), we can plan how to replace this tooth with a dental implant if needed. The 3D plan shows the implant, abutment, and crown.

You can learn more about the technology we offer by clicking here. Let us help you complete your restorative dentistry and save your teeth.