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Will My Cavity Go Away On It’s Own?

Are there home remedies for cavities?

This would be amazing if it could, right?! Unfortunately looking up home remedies for cavities will not help either. The cavity will remain. Once it has begun in your tooth it will not disappear without a visit to the dental office to repair it. One of the most important things to remember is that you can’t feel a small cavity – most people have no idea it’s even there until their dentist discovers it! You never want to wait until you “feel” a cavity because this means it’s gotten bigger than it needed to and may be more difficult to fix.

What About Home Remedies for Cavities?

We have heard of a few “home remedies” for cavities that patients have tried in the past.

  • Swishing coconut oil
  • Aloe Vera on the tooth
  • Taking Vitamin D and Calcium
  • Eating licorice root

While you can slow tooth decay, we promise the cavity won’t go away without a filling! We can take care of it quickly and pain-free in the office.

How a Cavity is Filled

The process of filling a cavity is simple and can be done in about 15-30 minutes. We will start by numbing the teeth, gums and surrounding skin to make sure you don’t experience any discomfort. Once your tooth is numb, we remove any tooth decay and then replace the tooth structure with a filling material.

There are different options available to fill the cavity including silver amalgam and tooth-colored composite material. Amalgam was used a lot in the past, but we tend to use the tooth-colored composite material that bonds seamlessly to your tooth structure and has an excellent color match. Once filled we always check your bite and make sure that everything feels comfortable when you chew.

Fillings will last for many years and will be checked each time you come in for your dental cleanings to ensure they are not chipped or worn down.

Questions? Contact Us.

Give us a call if you are experiencing any tooth pain and we can take a look. Just remember the cavity won’t go away on its own, but it’s easy to fix!