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Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Do You Need A ‘Dental Artist?’

A ‘Dental Artist’ is a term we bet you haven’t heard before! When individuals need esthetic tooth replacement for their front teeth, it can be challenging to achieve an ideal color match. The goal is to make the new dentistry…

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Drop The Denture!

We had an individual come to us who had an implant supported denture for many years. They decided they really didn’t like the “removable” aspect of the denture, because of having to take it in and out every night. We…

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What is ‘Cracked Tooth Syndrome?’

Have you ever had pain when you were chewing food? This is one indication you may have a cracked tooth. We’ll explain what causes cracked teeth, how they are repaired and show you some before and after photos. What causes…

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Dental Bonding Case Study

Dental bonding is when the dentist uses tooth-colored filling material to re-create a missing portion of a tooth. This technology can be used to do "fillings" when there is a cavity, but it can also be used to replace a…

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